Monday, December 1, 2008


I know this is terrible, but I have really had a hard time getting in the Christmas spirit these past few years. Probably because I've gotten a little older and the holiday doesn't hold the same meaning as it used to. Also, Christmas has become so overcommercialized it's embarrassing. For example, the weekend after Thanksgiving has become the much talked about shopping weekend, with the focus being on obtaining things at any cost (did you hear about the guy who got killed because shoppers trampled him?). Our society is so focused on obtaining things that we forget the true meaning of Christmas and the simple joy we can get by being with family and friends. For example, we had a grandchildren Christmas party this past weekend and it was one of the most fun times we've ever had because we didn't get presents or anything, we just hung out, talked and played games. We made memories and friendships that will last as opposed to open presents that won't. I am hoping that, with the right attitude, I can make the Christmas spirit strong this year and forget about the outside world trying to climb in and ruin it.

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  1. Okay - I totally agree with you on this topic. I have having a Santa Claus problem... Do I introduce my kids to Santa? How can I lie to them? Is that supporting the commercialism?


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