Sunday, January 11, 2009


So, every blog I've read seems to have the same theme going for the new year. I figured I'd better jump on the wagon, particularly because I haven't been so good about the blogging. This year, I'm turning 25, I've never really though about aging before, but then I realized I'm almost a quarter of a century old and it really threw me through a loop. I look around at all the people I've met over my life and sometimes it makes me feel bad that I haven't done more things with my life. Not that I haven't done great and fun things and all that, but that it's taken me so long to get to do the things that I feel like should already be done. For example, I'm getting my Bachelors degree this year and it annoys me that it took me 7 years to get it when most people it only took 4. I recently moved back home and it annoys me that I had to do that, even though I generally love it here (generally because we're remodeling, there's an upcoming post about that, when I can get my pictures to upload, still the issues with the new Mac).
But then it occurred to me; Who am I measuring my life against? My life, my goals and aspirations, everything that I am, is totally and completely different from everyone else in the world, so of course I'm going to do things differently, but that doesn't make it any less right for me. Maybe getting done with school now is perfect, because I've gained experiences in those seven years that will help me be a better teacher, and maybe living at home isn't ideal, but it gives me the opportunity to save money for the future. Perhaps this life wouldn't work for someone else, but for me, it works perfectly.


  1. I'm excited we can be blog buddies! And hey--living at home, saving money--I don't see much wrong with that!

  2. Hey you! Thank you for this post! I have been thinking somewhat of the similar things lately...

    I love your new blog.. :)


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