Sunday, February 1, 2009

Knowledge is Power

I seem to be full of blog postings, since there’s so much going on in school right now. Education is changing, it’s moving away from what it was, mindlessly drilling information into students without any thought to retention of knowledge, and turning towards making information relateable to students. Why should they care about the Renaissance? Without the Renaissance we wouldn’t have the Reformation or Exploration, without the Reformation and Exploration we wouldn’t have America. Education is shifting from teaching how something happened, to teaching why something happened. It really doesn’t matter exactly when Martin Luther was born, what matters is what he did and how that impacts us today.
There are lots of great teachers out there, who have been teaching for decades and have high test scores, but they haven’t changed with the times and now, with Educational Reform, they’re holding their students back, filling them with useless knowledge, such as the fact that Plutarch (the father of the Renaissance) wrote sonnets for a woman named Laura, and you’ll be tested on that, that her name was Laura.
I guess I’m part of the new thinking, the new age of Education, preparing students for the real world, rather than just filling them with needless information. Knowledge is power, but without application it’s useless.

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