Monday, March 9, 2009


So, I'm excited to graduate in May, but I'm so nervous about not finding a job that I'll lie awake at night (which is really a dumb idea, just so you know) stressing out about it (I really need to take up kick-boxing or something, after student teaching is over). It's not that there aren't teaching jobs out there in Social Studies, it's just that they're really far apart or in places I wouldn't want to live (like South Dakota and New Mexico). I'm trying to be more proactive about getting my resume and stuff out there, but I've been so dang busy with student teaching that I've hardly had time to think. Would it be wrong for me to wait a year and then look for a job next spring when I have real time to devote to it? I could substitute teach and I'd been certified so I'd get paid a lot more (like $40 more a day). So, imaginary people I'm talking to, because we all know no one reads this blog (and if you're a real person ready this blog, then I apologize) what do you think? Should I stress myself out and try to get a job in the Fall (which would include going to a teacher fair next) or should I just take the next year off and devote myself to finding a job in the Spring of 2010?
Also, anyone who likes me a lot and wants to write a letter of recommendation, not that I don't already have a few (3), but you can never have enough really.
I'm going to be 25 on Saturday, I'm getting so old!!!!!!!

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