Friday, April 17, 2009


I get to graduate in less than 3 weeks. That's right (imaginary) people, I'm finally finishing my edumacation and moving on with life! And, since I have the most awesome parents in the world, I get to go on vacation to...wait for it....Washington DC! Now, you might be asking yourself, why not somewhere nice and sunny? Well, the answer is my friends that I am a big freaking dork who loves to learn about history, so why not Washington DC! I've been saving up my frequent flier miles since I was 12 (smart parents got me an account when we went to Hawaii) and now I have 55,000, so not only is the flight free, but we're going First Class, I'm pretty sure I'm not fancy enough to do something like that, but you only live once and I'll probably not get the opportunity again. I'm so excited to go, mostly because I've not been on a good vacation since Spring 2007. Come back (imaginary) people and read all my fancy posts and see all my super awesome pictures from my graduation and other assorted fun things going on in my (imaginarily) awesome life!

I'm a ball of craziness sometimes.


  1. YAY!! It will be so nice to graduate! Congratulations!! You are so awesome.

  2. Holy cow! This is Sequoia! What have you been up to? Do you keep in touch with anyone else from Brighton?


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