Sunday, August 23, 2009

Not as Planned

I had every intention of having a job, I applied to several places (even outside of Utah) I had a great resume (if I do say so myself) I had some great interviews, I have excellent letters of recommendation, and yet, here it is the weekend before school starts and I have no job. It's frustrating because I had this great idea that I would have a job and could move out of my parents house and start my career, but, apparently, that is not what was meant for me. Now I'm getting the distinct impression that I need to go to Grad School, and, even more frightening, I'm getting the distinct impression that I should go to Law school! Hence the poll, those are the schools that offer a duel degrees in Law and Library Sciences. Is it weird that I would love nothing more than to be a law librarian at the Library of Congress or some other fantastical library somewhere in the world? So, despite the fact that I've worked 7 years to get my BS in teaching,I have no money saved to speak of, and I'm really just wanting to settle down, I'm taking the LSAT (Law School Admission Test) and GRE next month. I'll have a better idea then of where I should go.
Now, having shared that with all three people who read this,what do you think?


  1. Four! I read it too! I think that if you keep getting the impression that is what you should do, then you should do it! Good luck on your exams!

  2. look at you go girl. you can do it!
    good luck on BOTH tests, i'm sure you'll do fantastic.

    ...maybe there is a reason no jobs were open ??? :)

  3. Wow - Big decisions!!! Good luck on your exams :)

  4. Bubbles! Hey, dream big!! That is so amazing! My cousin just left Utah yesterday for Stanford Law School. I wish you all the best!


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