Friday, September 18, 2009

What waste

So that overnight job was supposed to last at least two weeks, lasted a whole week and two days. But they did pay me everything (including holiday pay!) in a nice check that was delivered via overnight UPS this morning. Hallelujah!

In other news, I went out to dinner last night, it's the Dine-O-Round in Salt Lake, which is when restaurants downtown offer a three course meal for either $15 or $30. There's a lot of restaurants participating in this and it's great opportunity to try out the more expensive ones (The Melting Pot is generally around $50 a person, so it's deal on the Dine-O-Round!). Can I suggest something, go out to dinner, really treat yourself, don't think about the price, or the fact that you have $14 in your savings account because you took $40 out to go out to dinner, just go out with good friends, have some good food, some interesting conversation, sit on the patio and get some nice air, and support your local businesses for crying out loud!

Oh, and we went to Tin Angel, it's eclectic and fun, their service was great, their food was divine and the desert to die for. I would highly suggest it. It's down on 4th south across from Pioneer Park. But if nothing else, just get out and spend some time with friends, we all need that sometimes.

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