Thursday, January 7, 2010

Office Supplies and GRE

Random notes about me, I may have mentioned this previously, but I love office supplies. Pens, paper, notebooks, erasers, mechanical pencils, folders, I love it all. I went to the store earlier and I spent a good 20 minutes looking at different pens. It was very relaxing actually, then I didn't even buy anything! Sometimes I worry about myself.

On to the next promised topic, my GRE scores. The GRE was quite the odd test, I took it up at the University of Utah on a Sunday afternoon (because the whole month was booked), the testing center was just a bunch of computers, I had to leave everything in a locker (even my chapstick) and then take the test. I did fairly well, it's less about the score and more about the percentile. So on the verbal comprehension (understanding words and their roots, as well as reading comprehension) I got in the 88th percentile (88% of people would get a lower score than me). On the quantitative, which was problem solving math, I got in the 63rd percentile, and in the writing section I got in the 42nd percentile. Overall, I feel confident about the test. I'm working on the applications now, and I hope to have everything done this weekend, but we'll see.

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  1. I've done that--spending lots of time looking pens. Also, WOOT on the GRE! Verbal is the hardest, and you did pretty well!


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