Wednesday, February 24, 2010


So, I'm really excited to announce, after the months of ridiculous applications and whatnot, that I've finally seen some progress and have actually been accepted to 2 graduate programs!

First, the University of Tennessee Knoxville and second, Indiana University Bloomington.

I have never been to either campus, I've never even stepped foot in either state (I drove through Indiana one time, does that count?). So, we'll have to wait and see where else I've been accepted to (cross my fingers hoping for Michigan State!)

Have I mentioned that I'm ridiculously excited to go to school, because I am.


  1. That's awesome!!! Congrats! I guess I'm a little behind in your blog updates... but what are you going into? Good luck with making the decision!

  2. Library and information science. I'm gonna be the awesome librarian some day (hopefully the one that makes you want to read all the time).

  3. WOOT! WOOT! Go Bubbles!! I am excited about this news. Todd grew up in Indiana, sounds like it's a cool place (I've never been there). Michigan would be awesome! Way to go!

    P.S. You will make one excellent librarian.


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