Monday, September 27, 2010

Roommates and living in Ann Arbor

So, when I came to visit Michigan in March, I met a couple of people and, as luck would have it, we all decided to come back for school. So, we decided to find an apartment and be roommates.
It's turned out really well actually, we're all in the program together, none of us is really from around here (so we're all learning the town together) and we have similar sick senses of humor (a big plus for me).

Adriana is from West Virginia, she's an Archives and Records Management Specialization. She likes cats, harlequin romances (who doesn't?) and old movies.

Ilana is from Seattle area, she's also a Library and Information Services Specialization. She also likes cats, harlequin romances (especially if they're from Dollar General), Pina Coladas, and getting caught in the rain.

This is our cat, I am not really a cat person, but I have a love/tolerate relationship with this cat.

We got her from the Washtenaw Human Society. Her name is Penelope Haifa Goldstein, Penny for short. We're raising her Jewish, and her middle name comes from the best falafel place ever.

Anyway, I love being here and I love school, it's such an adventure.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I love Regina Spektor

Just found this video, one of her best songs, so refined and emotionally moving.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Wow, it's been a while

I am a slacker, or I have just been very busy. Probably the latter.

Summer was awesome, camp went very well and I had a great time with the new staff as well as all the old ones who visited during the Reunion. It made me really happy to be up there again and it was a fitting end to my time of working at Brighton (I'll never say never, but most likely not again).

After camp ended, I had exactly one week to pack, box, throw away or donate pretty much everything I own. It was a harrowing experience, because I didn't realize how much stuff I have. After all the packing was done, I stuffed everything into my Subaru Legacy and it all fit with even a little extra space.

Friday night, we had family and friends over for dinner and root beer floats. It was great to see everyone before I left and they got a surprise because I was actually leaving at 10:30 that night! My brother served his mission in Topeka, KS and wanted to get there in time to go to church on Sunday, which was a 17 hour drive. So, we left 10:30 pm on Friday and arrived at 7:30 pm Saturday, exhausted, but strangely invigorated. I should also mention that many of my Brighton friends stayed Friday to say farewell, by lining up on either side of the car and cheering, it was quite the farewell, one that I'll not soon forget.

Sunday, we went to church, then we drove to Kansas City (which is only an hour away) and stayed there for the night, it was really near Independence and Liberty, so we could go to some church history sites. Monday, we drove to Adam-ondi-Ahman, which was incredible, then we went to Carthage and Nauvoo, we ended up staying in Keokuk, IA, right across the river. Tuesday I was lucky enough to go to a temple session at the Nauvoo temple, which was awesome and really set the tone for my trip across the country. Tuesday, we also drove about 3 hours to a little town in Illinois (about an hour outside of Chicago) and stayed the night. Wednesday, we arrived in Ann Arbor! Then the unpacking and shopping began. I went to Ikea and got a desk and a bed, but they didn't have a foundation, so I had to sleep on the floor the first couple of nights. Thursday was busy with shopping again as well as unpacking and cleaning. Unfortunately my brother was not feeling well (stomach flu) so he had to stay in bed most of the day. Friday we found a box spring and frame at Sam's Club and I finally started to settle in. Saturday we went to the Henry Ford Museum outside of Detroit and it was incredible, although overpriced. My brother even liked it (probably because it had a lot of cars and trains). Sunday, I had to say goodbye to Greg as he left for home and now I'm on my own.

I won't bore you with the details of this week, but it was full of shopping (there are a lot of thrifts stores in Ann Arbor, I already have my halloween costume even!), organizing my room (it's almost done), Orientation (Boring, because most of the things were already general knowledge) and bonding with my roommates (more on them some other post).

Anyway, I'm really excited for school to start tomorrow and it's been an awesome experience already (it's great when you feel as though you're exactly where you need to be).

Following are some pictures, in no particular order:

Kitchen Staff in the Walk-In on a Monday (it kind of became a tradition)

Roommates for the Second half, Yellow, me and U!

Brighton Staff posing in the parking lot after we said goodbye to the girls.

Community of Christ Temple in Independence (formerly Reorganized LDS church)

Greg riding the ATV's at Bass World Outlet (like Cabela's but better)

Nauvoo Temple

Cool car at the Henry Ford Museum

The Original Oscar Meyer Weinermobile