Monday, January 24, 2011

Check it out, two weeks in a row!

Must be some kind of record.

This week was great-ish. Monday, I got to work at both my jobs, because it was Martin Luther King Jr. Day so I didn't have school. I have officially cataloged four books at the law library, it's somewhat exciting because it involves putting my initials in the book.

At the museums library I made cards for the card catalog. Don't even get me started on what a ridiculous waste of time and resources that is. My dream, one day, is to take over the Museums library and bring it into the 21st century.

The roomates and I decided to host a little dinner party, mostly because Adriana had bought one of those murder mystery things back in September and we never used it (501 killed all my social productivity).

We invited some people over for dinner, which I got to cook (it's not cooking for 250, but it feels nice to be in the kitchen). There was much laughing and silliness. Enjoy this picture of the group.

(from left)Graham (the murderer, a schizophrenic scientist), Ilana (a German wine maker), Jerusha (a male English wine maker), Jess (a lady hired to renovate the estate), John (the estate manager), Adriana (the wife of the dead guy and sister of the murderer), and me (I didn't have a part, but I pretended to be a maid or something). The story was set at a winery (hence the wine bottle) and was very complicated. It was a fun time had by all (I think).

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ooohh, January

Must be time for a monthly blog post and news update.

News #1: I have another blog that will be updated more often. I'll let you find it from my profile page because I'm too lazy to go linking it. I'm pretending to be a professional librarian.
News#2: I'm building a website, for a class. It could be fun. I actually enjoy doing it, so I'm hoping to change my blog (eventually) over to the new website, but we'll see.
News#3: I am officially a resident of Michigan now! Driver's License obtained and voter registered (which means I have to follow their politics more). I'm hoping to get some license plates really soon (as soon as someone sends me the title).
News#4: I got a new job at the Law Library on campus. It's actually rather daunting because I'll be cataloging, but I enjoy it already (mostly because I get to work in a building that houses this room (picture stolen from the interwebs, as usual):
I still work at the Museums Library on Fridays, mostly because I'm a sucker (at least that's what my roommates say), but I like to think it's because I have a heart (ha!).

Anyway, life is great, seriously, I couldn't ask for more (unless someone wants to offer me a paid internship for the summer?)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas Break, Never Long Enough

Two weeks people, only two weeks for a break. Now, we head into the winter semester, which I am so grateful and excited for.

Why, you may ask, well it's a good thing I have this amazing blog to share these things with people.

First of all, this semester I am taking classes I am far more excited for, such as Collection Development (yeah, I'm in library school, that's exciting), design of complex websites (a little nervous, but really excited), and a class that meets at the Michigan Theatre, an actual movie theatre in Ann Arbor. Here's a picture I stole off the internets:

Second, with one semester under my belt, I actually feel capable of going to Grad School. Also, I feel much better about allocating my time and energy.

Finally, I only have class/work Monday, Wednesday and Friday (at least for the first half of the semester), so Tuesdays and Thursdays, I could sleep all day if I so desired.

Anyway, loving life in Michigan.

Oohh, I forgot this fun fact. To celebrate the end of last semester and the end of our project management class (that made me want to quit school) we had a little get together at our house and burned all remnants of the class. Here's my favorite picture:

Then we all went and saw Tron, which wasn't high cinema, but it was sure pretty to look at! Did I mention we were wearing Cosby sweaters also? Hence the name Cosby Tron 2010, so superior to Cosby Tron 2009.