Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas Break, Never Long Enough

Two weeks people, only two weeks for a break. Now, we head into the winter semester, which I am so grateful and excited for.

Why, you may ask, well it's a good thing I have this amazing blog to share these things with people.

First of all, this semester I am taking classes I am far more excited for, such as Collection Development (yeah, I'm in library school, that's exciting), design of complex websites (a little nervous, but really excited), and a class that meets at the Michigan Theatre, an actual movie theatre in Ann Arbor. Here's a picture I stole off the internets:

Second, with one semester under my belt, I actually feel capable of going to Grad School. Also, I feel much better about allocating my time and energy.

Finally, I only have class/work Monday, Wednesday and Friday (at least for the first half of the semester), so Tuesdays and Thursdays, I could sleep all day if I so desired.

Anyway, loving life in Michigan.

Oohh, I forgot this fun fact. To celebrate the end of last semester and the end of our project management class (that made me want to quit school) we had a little get together at our house and burned all remnants of the class. Here's my favorite picture:

Then we all went and saw Tron, which wasn't high cinema, but it was sure pretty to look at! Did I mention we were wearing Cosby sweaters also? Hence the name Cosby Tron 2010, so superior to Cosby Tron 2009.

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  1. Love the burning of book picture... and I totally agree with you, Christmas break is never long enough :)


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