Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ooohh, January

Must be time for a monthly blog post and news update.

News #1: I have another blog that will be updated more often. I'll let you find it from my profile page because I'm too lazy to go linking it. I'm pretending to be a professional librarian.
News#2: I'm building a website, for a class. It could be fun. I actually enjoy doing it, so I'm hoping to change my blog (eventually) over to the new website, but we'll see.
News#3: I am officially a resident of Michigan now! Driver's License obtained and voter registered (which means I have to follow their politics more). I'm hoping to get some license plates really soon (as soon as someone sends me the title).
News#4: I got a new job at the Law Library on campus. It's actually rather daunting because I'll be cataloging, but I enjoy it already (mostly because I get to work in a building that houses this room (picture stolen from the interwebs, as usual):
I still work at the Museums Library on Fridays, mostly because I'm a sucker (at least that's what my roommates say), but I like to think it's because I have a heart (ha!).

Anyway, life is great, seriously, I couldn't ask for more (unless someone wants to offer me a paid internship for the summer?)


  1. I am sort of interested in getting a masters of library science and this post makes me want to even more!

  2. You should do it! There's no time like the present and you can never have enough education (okay, maybe you can, but one Master's isn't too much).


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