Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Warning, Information Overload

It's funny because it's also the title of a post in my other blog. I'm too lazy to link it.

This week will either be the death of me, or will prove my worth as a grad student. 3 papers due, a state of the School address to attend (absolutely necessary, in my opinion), a phone interview, 3 group meetings, a subletter coming by, roommates boyfriend and parents visiting and general malaise because it's March and I want it to be spring already.

Chance of precipitation tomorrow, 100%. High for tomorrow 39. Freezing rain people!

Otherwise, I love Michigan.

Things that will keep me going this week:
The IT Crowd
Justified on Hulu
Haifa Falafel
A baptism on Saturday
Dancing in the rain
Joseph Gordon Levitt singing "Bad Romance" (warning, here lies a little bit of swearing, but also some fantastic singing)
Videos of babies laughing

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

"Spring" Break

Here in Michigan, Spring Break takes place before Spring even starts. In fact, we started the break February 26. It was a hectic break, one of the only times I've actually done something during a spring break, usually I laid around at home, watching movies and feeling unproductive.

Not this week though! The School of Information does something called Alternative Spring Break, which gives students the opportunity to work at a professional organization in Chicago, New York, Washington DC or Detroit. I got to work at the American Library Association in Chicago. It was great. I was cataloging books in their Publishing Department archives. Basically, it has every book they've ever published, but it has never been inventoried, which is really what I was doing. It involved long hours retrieving books, finding them in the system, scanning barcodes, writing their names, typing their names, and then re-shelving them. I actually really enjoyed it, particularly because it gave me the chance to listen to my iPod a whole lot. And I got to work in Chicago, which made me want to move there even more.

Otherwise, school is going along, undeterred by my cabin fever or frustration with classes. Occasionally, I get the feeling that I chose entirely the wrong field, particularly when the classes are being entirely too academically political (everyone has an agenda, and sometimes classes become the forum for professors to push their agendas on us), but then I remember that I'm here to combat that feeling for others. Librarians are there to help, to teach you a little bit, and to make you love learning again. If I only ever help one person in my life, it will be totally worth it (although, if I could find a job that paid slightly more than minimum wage, that would be ideal).

I leave you with the following pictures of random things found in the archives: