Thursday, May 12, 2011

Glorious Summertime

Okay, so it's still technically spring, but it's finally Chaco weather here in Michigan (65 degrees is warm enough for sandals and capris for me).

I survived the school year, one year down and one year to go, so excited for the Fall semester.
And what am I doing for the summer, you ask, well that's what this blog is for! Ummmm...pretty much chilling in Ann Arbor, 2 weeks in Utah (for Memorial Day, a Wedding, and a Graduation), a week at the ALA Conference in New Orleans (whoever thought a conference in June in New Orleans was a good idea has another thing coming to them, but I'm still ridiculously excited because I haven't really been to the south besides Florida) and an internship at the Arab American Museum in Dearborn (which means more trips to Shatila).

Otherwise, I'm just looking forward to reading a giant stack of leisure reading (maybe I'll throw in a school book or two, just to get ahead).

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