Friday, January 13, 2012


I realize we're supposed to comment on class, the problem is I did not attend class, because I was at a meeting about student teaching. Yes, student teaching, which I will be doing this semester at a middle school (7-8) and intermediate school (5-6).

Let me say, this is not my first foray into student teaching, hence I was somewhat annoyed at the prospect of sitting through 4 hours of information session about what to expect, how to deal with mentor teachers, and the really fun portion where you talk about the signs of child abuse (I wish that was not necessary). However, it was partially what I expected it to be, but also much more. The best part was a professor who did not mince words about student teaching, the job hunt, and avoiding failure. I feel like there's this tendency in academia to hold your hand and tell you that you're doing a better job than you really are. Some people would like this, I, however, hate it. I would much rather you told me straight out the good and the bad and then I wouldn't be surprised when something doesn't work out. I also appreciated the straight talk about job hunting. I have friends who have applied to every job that they could possibly qualify for, whether or not they would want to work there, because they're concerned they won't find anything at all. I understand this (talk to me about mountains of debt and having no job to pay for it some other time), but I can't imagine being in a job that I really didn't want to begin with. Their advice was to be open to the fact that you probably won't get a job until the third week of August.

It's a lot to process this semester, trying to do school, student teaching, applying to jobs (I'm going to a job fair at the beginning of February and I'm terrified), working a little on the side (only 7 hours, so it doesn't really count, right), and the regular social activities that cannot be sacrificed (Monday night trivia at Conor O'neils). Overall, though, I'm actually really looking forward to it (check back in a month and see if I feel the same way).


  1. Hi - I was tardy posting the audio from last week's class into CTools, but it's there now. So you can enjoy even more housekeeping conversations :)

  2. So do you still feel the same way? :)
    I agree about sugarcoating--I think it's important to be optimistic (someone has to be that one in a million, why not you?) but also realistic. Hope is good; false hope isn't.

  3. Yep, that was an interesting day.


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