Friday, February 17, 2012

Creating a technology plan that is future savvy

So, on Friday, we got to meet with some school librarians (media specialists? I prefer the former) from a local school district. They are working on revising their technology plan (which they are required, by law, to do every three years) and wanted our input and to have a discussion about technology plans and schools.

For me, the most interesting portion of the discussion was the idea of creating responsible students who are able to navigate this new world of information and social connectedness. Citizen, as discussed, is kind of a hairy word, not really descriptive of what we are envisioning our students becoming. What we want are children who realize they are a part of a global community that is linked by social networks. I think this requires our students to be stewards of their information, as well as to give thought to what they are sharing and who they are sharing it with. It also means we need to teach civility. With new technology and new methods of communicating, we need to decide what is and is not appopriate and treating one another with respect. It's not just about teaching kids the facts, it's about teaching them how to live within this world and be productive members of society, it's just that we're still working out what that means in the long run.

I'm going to skip discussion about design, for a minute.


  1. I thought it was fascinating that they were the only ones lobbying for a conversation on digital citizenship.

    1. Indeed, this is something that you'd think would be on the lips of almost every educator. It's something that we really need to think about for our future.

  2. I like your description of students as "stewards of their information." I think there is a basic connection between students and their online information life that is missing, unfortunately.


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