Friday, March 9, 2012

Elevator Speechifying "Learning that Lasts"

The assignment: Create an elevator speech based on one of the essays in School Libraries: What's Now, What's Next, What's Yet to Come
The essay: Learning that Lasts by Jennifer Stanbro
The situation: A principal, who you've sent your resume to, bumps into you on the elevator at a local parking garage.
Principal: Oh, hey, I was just looking over your resume.
Me: Yes, I'm glad I attached a picture, that way you know me.
Principal Yes, that definitely makes it easier. It's serendipitous that I ran into you because I had a question that I'd like to ask in an informal interview environment.
Me: Awesome, go for it.
Principal: Well, I was looking over your experience and noticed that it's not necessarily in the teaching field, so I was wondering what you thought you could bring to our school.
Me: Well, I feel that learning doesn't necessarily happen only in a school environment. In fact, I fervently believe that learning should expand beyond those four walls and be within the students real lives and experiences. So, no I didn't necessarily work within a school environment, but I've worked with people and feel that learning can take place within whatever environment I'm in.
Principal: I definitely agree. How would you take those experiences and implement them within a classroom setting?
Me: Well, I would start by learning the culture of the school, how people work, how the students work with their teachers and the administration? What's important to parents, the surrounding community. I think that culture builds the person and we can't go in and expect students to learn if we don't understand that culture. I also think that it takes us being authentic within our environment. Being ourselves, but also being a leader and a thinker, someone that students and teachers can look up to. Yes, I may not have been a leader in a school, but within my jobs and work experience I have been a leader, setting standards, excelling at where I was (my mom always said, bloom where you are planted).
Principal: Well, this is my floor, I really appreciate the clarification you've given me, you'll be hearing from us soon.
Me: Thanks!


  1. Ha ha about the photo attached to the resume (I think the reason that is not expected in US jobs anymore is because it could make discrimination easier.

  2. Yay for learning taking place in any environment!

  3. Wow! That's a great answer to the last question.

  4. Sounds like a mission statement for an information technology consulting firm specializing in preparing educational systems with libraries for success within the new IT paradigm.


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