Friday, August 10, 2012

It behooves me to update my blog

There are many things that have happened since I last updated this blog. Let's make a list:

1. I graduated. Yep, finally done with grad school. It was bittersweet. I love school a lot, but I also like not running around like a chicken with my head cut off.  A picture:

2. I went to Niagara Falls and Montreal with my parents. I joke about disliking Canadians, but we all know that's because I would move there in a heartbeat. More  pictures:
it was really foggy, but the city was there, I promise!
The "Maid of the Mist" totally worth every penny

3. I moved back to Utah for a time. This was fun because I go to sell everything on Craigslist (so many reliable people) and drive through Nebraska, which is super awesome (I may or may not be sarcastic). I didn't take pictures of this, although I wish I had, I packed my 2000 Subaru Legacy like a boss.

 4. I went to my cousin's wedding in San Diego and then to ALA in Anaheim.

I really, really, really , don't want to go into detail about ALA, suffice it to say that I don't necessarily need to go to a conference of that size for a while (although I would like to go to the International Association of School Librarians conference, it's in Qatar this year, how awesome would that be?!)

 5. Now, I'm leaving Monday, yes, this Monday, for Bangladesh and I'm still putting off packing and things. I took a carload to the DI earlier this week, so that's a step in the right direction. I did get my final flight details and I get to go to Istanbul (not Constantinople, good luck getting that out of your head now), so that'll be an experience. I also randomly get to spend 2 extra days in Los Angeles while I go to the embassy to get my Visa. This is awesome because I get to spend 2 extra days with my cousins in Long Beach, and 2 extra days with my parents who are going there for a work conference, double bonus!

Busy, right? Now, I must go pack something, or throw something away, whichever seems more productive.

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  1. Wow, you're leaving Monday! How thrilling. Can't wait to hear about your adventures on the other side of the world. Hope you keep in touch with us lesser peons here in our boring, domestic jobs (but at least we have them!)


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