Wednesday, August 22, 2012

This is my jet lagged face

Well, it's been a full....crap what day is it....ummm...four days?..yeah four days since I got here. Holy cow, that's not very long, it seems like forever ago.

After one night in Dhaka we drove to the school, which is 55 kilometers outside of the city. Never in my life have I seen traffic so crazy. The road is about 4 cars wide, but no one uses lanes, and there were several times when my life flashed before my eyes as we were heading straight toward oncoming traffic. I survived, mostly intact. In fact, the next morning I drove back to Dhaka to retrieve my luggage at the airport (as I had been told. It would be there and neither of the phone numbers I was given for the lost luggage office worked). Nope, no,luggage. I made up for it by buying curtains and a rug at a nice department store, and a chocolate cupcake (which was only 90 taka, so a buck, totally worth it). Perhaps due to the nature of the ride, I did experience do you say....intestinal distress for the next couple o f days. I did sleep for about 14 hours, and that helped alleviate it.*

It's so weird being at the school now, I've seen these pictures for month and now I'm actually here! The school is out in the countryside, with lush forest and rice paddies surrounding it. Any time we go to the local village we attract a crowd of curious people.

We're frantically planning for the upcoming year, especially because they've changed the ICT (Information and communication technology) program a bit so I've got to design a new a week. It'll work out, I'm sure, but it was a little overwhelming to begin with.

The library, unfortunately, must wait a bit. We need to get UV screens for the windows and really want to figure out the relative humidity before we start unpacking books. Also, I have an assistant in the library, how awesome is that?!

That's all I can think of now, doing well, enjoying myself, not dying in a puddle of my own sweat (yet).

A few pictures of my apartment, with some little homey touches.

*my principal picked up the luggage the next day, fortunately, nothing missing or damaged!

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  1. I think if anyone can come up with an ICT curriculum in a week, it is surely you. Looking forward to reading this blog!

  2. Hi Emily-
    I'm listening:)
    Glad you made it!


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