Sunday, October 21, 2012

Fair and lovely, missing moons, and a partridge in a pear tree

I don't have any pictures this week, because I am terrible at taking pictures. I dumped all my photos on this Facebook album, if you're a friend , you can go see them there. Sometime in the near future (let's call it two weeks from now, which I'll explain why in a second), I'll upload them to Picasa albums too.

First, let's talk about Fair and Lovely, which is a beauty product here in Bangladesh. It purports to bleach your skin so that you can look whiter. Seriously. I tried explaining to one of my students that people in America spend millions of dollars every year on various methods of tanning their skin, but they thought I was crazy. Here, everyone wants to be lighter skinned. I would give my left arm for a nice tanned skin, because with my paleness (I could flash down airplanes with the whiteness of my legs) I'm guaranteed to have melanoma at some point in my life.

Second, the Bangladesh National Moon-Sighting Committee didn't see the Zilhaj moon this past week, which means they moved Eid-ul-Azha back two days, which means I get additional break time in Nepal. The Islamic calendar is based on lunar cycles, so if they don't see the moon, they have to wait to have the Eid. This is the most important Eid as well, it commemorates the willingness of Abraham to sacrifice Isaac, and is marked with the literal sacrifice of a cow. I have several students who have showed me their cows that they're going to sacrifice. It also coincides with Durga Puja, which is an important holiday in the Hindu religion. In fact, while we're in Nepal, they're having three days of national holiday, which should be a good learning experience. I'm so looking forward to seeing mountains, I feel most at home next to them.

Third, I finally have access to a television with cable, which means I'm watching Indian TV shows. Indian soap operas are almost exactly like Hispanic telenovelas,* minus the hoochie pants, sex, and latina temper flares. Hmmm...that didn't sell them as well as I wanted. Suffice it to say, the one I'm watching right now features a woman who is forced to marry a beautiful man, while she has flashbacks to her last marriage, where her husband was shot right as they were finalizing their vows (which involved him putting a red mark on her forehead, just like this new husband is doing!). It was very dramatic. I like them better than telenovelas, because I'm a bit of a prude.**

By this time Wednesday, I'll be in Nepal. So. Freaking. Excited.

*apparently telenovelas is misspelled, so I right-clicked and the only suggested word is "tasteless", somewhat apropos. 

**This sentiment is dedicated to you Adriana. I could hardly keep a straight face while typing it.

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  1. It's okay, Emily, I couldn't read that with a straight face either.

    Lots of Everest pictures, please!


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