Sunday, October 14, 2012

I tend to attract a crowd

I must be pretty incredible to watch, because any time I go anywhere I get people like this following me around:

We went to a local grocery store (aptly called Daily Needs) in Moana, the local town by the school, and there was a big crowd of men watching us through the window while we were shopping. Typically, they're not inappropriate or scary, they're just interested because they've probably never seen white people before (or they've seen them very rarely). Any time we do something that locals do, like wander down to the local village (which is about a kilometer from the school) for a drink and a haircut, they're just curious to see us.

This lady stopped walking (with 10 bricks on her
head!) to watch me, but then she turned away when
I took a picture.

Sure, it can be a little annoying, like when the woman stops dead in her tracks to watch you walk by, but it is what it is. I try to say hello to people, that really scares them. Like these girls, who I asked if I could take their picture (mostly because I love their school uniforms) and they ran away.

These are the younger girls, the older girls wear a darker blue, but isn't this the
cutest school uniform? And comfortable, I have one (they're called a Shalowar Kameez)
and they are ridiculously comfortable, like wearing pajamas.
These boys, on the other hand, fought to get into the picture.

Last week, we had a 10K charity walk at the school, we all walked around the Cricket pitch 21 times. Which attracted this:
We didn't take a picture, but this paint version should suffice.
Can you tell it's cute Bangla girls in a tree, looking over the fence,
watching us?

I even attract a crowd at church. There's an investigator who comes just so he can speak English with me, at least that's what it seems like. And that I'm fine with, because I know people need practice, and the best practice is with someone who is fluent*.

This picture is the entire branch right now, usually about 6 people.

I think all the crazy celebrities who feed on people watching them should move to Bangladesh, they'd get their fill soon enough.

*According to my Facebook page, I'm fluent in Sarcasm and Utahnics, both useful skills.

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