Wednesday, October 24, 2012


I'm typing this from the top of a mountain in Nagarkot, Nepal. It's beautiful, peaceful, and chilly. Silly me didn't bring a jacket, not just to Nepal, I didn't bring one to this continent, what was I thinking?

Anyway, we had a very eventful day, we got the airport to find our flight, via Biman Bangladesh airlines, was delayed by an hour. Wich was fine because I needed a nap anyway. We ended up getting bumped to Executive Class because one of our students fathers was the pilot. He also took us into the cockpit so that we could see Mount Everest from the air!

When we arrived in Kathmandu, we were greeted with an hour and a half wait to get through Visas and Immigration. As the sign in the airport said, "Things in Nepal take time, relax and just enjoy it!"

We had worked with a travel agent who arranged the whole trip, so we had a driver and a guide to take us around the city. The rest of the afternoon we spent wandering through Bhaktapur Durga. Bhaktapur is one of the three major towns in the Kathmandu Valley and he Durga is the traditional palace. so basically, we wandered through the entire town square.

It's Desain, which is a Hindu holiday, celebrating the casting out of Demons. They had just finished sacrificing 108 animals, fortunately we missed that. It was incredible, to be in the midst of this rich history and cultural heritage.

We then drove about half an hour to Nagarkot, which is a small town at the top of o be of the mountains that surround Kathmandu Valley. It's breathtakingly beautiful.

Tomorrow, we face a 6 hour drive to Pokhara, but I'm in the mountains o f Nepal, so I really don't mind.

I'll post pictures tomorrow, hopefully (or at least a link to an online album) but you can enjoy this crappy picture taken with my iPad wheat was way too dark to see the mountains.

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