Thursday, October 11, 2012

Reading books and posting reviews

One of my personal/professional goals for the year was to read at least one book from the library a week. This way I get to know the collection, plus I can make better recommendations. So far, I've read about 50 pages of one book. Don't get me wrong, I read, I just don't read stuff from the library. Not because it isn't great, but because I have a stack of books I brought from home and they keep calling my name. Also, I finished watching The Walking Dead season 2, and I decided to continue reading the comic books on my iPad, so that's been distracting me. I did read UnWholly by Neal Shusterman, which is a follow-up to UnWound, and it's safe to say that it blew my mind, but it's not in the collection.

Is it unreasonable to set a goal to read one book a week? Definitely not. I read about 4 books a week for a Children's lit class I took, so it's definitely possible. That's the point of this blog post, to hold myself accountable for reading a book a week, and then I'll post the reviews here. And that's that.

Week one: I'm currently reading trying to read The Golden Compass by Philip Pullman. It's part of the trilogy called His Dark Materials and has been widely acclaimed by many sources. I'm only about 50 pages in, but it hasn't really hooked me yet. It's also daunting to think that, if I want the full effect of the story, I'll have to read three books, especially when they're pretty hefty in size (anything over 300 pages is too much for me, especially YA lit). However, I'm going to make a grand effort to finish it this week or at least read the first 100 pages before I decide whether or not I want to go on. Nancy Pearl says you only need to give it 50, but I'm still on the fence at this point.

I'll post more detailed reviews here on the blog. For a listing of all my reviews, you can visit my Library Thing bookshelf.


  1. I read the Golden Compass as a kid and LOVED it. But, I do remember the beginning was a bit slow. So keep at it! It might just be because I read the books in the trilogy very separately from each other, but I always think of them as fairly stand-alone. So, depending on how you feel about the ending of the first book, you might be just fine with not reading 2 and 3. Also, don't watch the movie unless you just want the visuals - it looks gorgeous, but it is otherwise not very good.

  2. I read The Golden Compass a few years back because I kept hearing how wonderful it was. I did not agree. Among other things, I was frustrated that Lyra acted much more child-like than her age should indicate. Don't feel bad if you have to abandon it after 100 pages. I've done that with a few books lately and I'm much less cranky now.


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