Sunday, November 4, 2012

Giggling like a little girl

Back to school, back to school... Being on vacation was addictive, isn't it always? I rolled out of bed (I slept in until 8:30 am!) this morning and my first thought was "only six weeks until Christmas break." It's odd, because I generally love my job. But I also like travelling, and I'm going to Australia for Christmas*, so it's something big to look forward to.

Anyway. To the post title.

Before I left on vacation, I got a delivery at the library that made me giggle like a little girl and get weird looks from the delivery man (the housekeeper who happens to bring delivers from the car, so someone I run into on a regular basis, yay).

 Bookends, people, bookends.

They are what takes my bookshelves from this sad state

 To this

 Something to giggle at like a little girl. More importantly, they are keeping the books upright, because the relative humidity in the library has yet to fall below 50%, the paperbacks tend to become pliable,the covers bend, and they become damaged.

This week I'm rearranging the library, according to feedback from students. They're also working on making labels for the shelves. I've struggled because I really want to make labels (I can be crafty...ish), but decided that allowing the students to help decorate the library would help them take ownership of it. So, they're helping design it, making labels and signs, and painting a mural.

As soon as we're done, I'll get some more pictures. I'm so proud of myself. I took 492 pictures in Nepal, at least 200 of which were of sunrises.

*I may or may not be going there because then I can see Les Miserables and The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey on the big screen. Also, because it's the land of Hugh Jackman, I might try to stalk him, we'll see.

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