Monday, December 3, 2012

Inadvertently learning to swear in Bangla

My Mother would like me to clarify something, she says I am not like a three-year-old sometimes, as I claimed in this blog post, I am like a three-year-old all the time. Last week, when a student said something to the effect of "making duty," and I had to bite my tongue to hold back the giggles, I decided she might be right.

My favorite story from last week involves a sixth grade student, who we'll call Milton, whose family is from Bangladesh, but he grew up in New York. Milton's Bangla skills are pretty minimal, he spoke it at home, but is not the most fluent. Last week, a ninth grade student, who we'll call Obama (because he's the class president), came to me because Milton was inadvertently calling another student the Bangla equivalent of the F-word (the queen mother of all swearwords). Milton, who is really just the sweetest boy, had thought he was calling him a chicken. He was somewhat embarrassed, but mostly laughed it off. The bonus of the story is that I learned how to swear in Bangla learned how to identify when the students are using that particular curse word (which they call slang, actually). It's a win-win situation.

Also, my library got cushions last week.

The only appropriate way to place them in the reading corner is to throw them.

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