Sunday, February 10, 2013

Displaying ourselves

I have finally gotten around to cajoling my incredible volunteer assistant to create some displays. 

After scrolling through Pinterest (twist my arm, I'm sure) we found some good ideas that are possible with our limited resources. I might add that our resources aren't limited because of funds, but because there just aren't arts and crafts supplies here like there are in the US. I seriously have pangs of sadness because I left my Cricut machine in Utah. Had I know that Turkish Airlines wasn't going to bother me about my overweight bags, I would have packed all of them so much better, I had the room.

I digress. We started with a fairly simple decoration for Liberation Day December 16th. The students painted the flag, there are also poems written by the Grade 5's, and some small articles and pictures my assistant found online.

We then created this sports display. Being at a sports academy, you'd think kids would want these more. Oh well, you live, you learn.

We're now working on this display. Our Grade 6's wrote myths about how planets were formed, then there was a short section where they explained how they were actually formed. This storybook was written by one of my favorite students, Milton (who I've mentioned before). It's the story of an awesome kid who loves spaghetti and somehow becomes an asteroid. Milton likes to talk about his compartments. Some people have six packs, others have compartments. His compartments are for Cheetos, pizza, spaghetti, and chocolate. Just writing that makes me crave Cheetos...

Overall, I'm pleased with the decorations. Our library is full of plain white-ish walls desperately in need of some flavor. I'm hoping, in the future, to add some color, but we'll see how it goes.

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