Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Review: Hauntings

I picked up a couple of hi-lo (high impact, low reading level) books to decide whether my students would be capable of reading them. Hi-lo books are typically older student oriented topics, but written in a lower reading level. It took me about 35 minutes to read this 62 page ghost story. Even in that short of a book/time, I was bored. The main character Rebecca, whose name we don't find out until 20 pages in, is annoyed with her father for giving her a birthday present that is an old cross-stitch that may or may not be haunted by the ghost of the girl who stitched it, and who also happens to share the same name as Rebecca.

There was no real plot resolution. There is a possible haunting, but Rebecca decides that, if she re-frames and hangs the sampler in the living room, we won't forget the girl who died. It was very un-fulfilling. 

I understand why these types of books are important, especially in a school where there are a lot of students who are older with limited reading skills, but do we need to insult their intelligence with poorly written books?

Bottom line, I really wish they hadn't bought this book for the library, because there are probably better ones we could have spent money on.

LibraryThing Review:

When Rebecca's Dad gives her an old cross-stitch for her birthday, he probably doesn't realize that the girl who made it died tragically and her ghost may be trying to take over Rebecca's body. Now, Rebecca has to spend her birthday month trying to figure out how to stop the haunting and put the ghost to rest, for good.
This Hi-Lo horror novella, part of the Shades series from UK publisher Evans, never really succeeds at being horrifying.  There is no character development, very little plot, and an unsatisfying ending. Overall, students in higher grades with a lower reading level can probably find better books to leave them in suspense.

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