Monday, March 4, 2013

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This week I had many thoughts, but none were quite long enough or detailed enough that I wanted to write a full long blog post about them. Enjoy this short list:

Shahbagh Square Protests

They've escalated. Over 100 people dead. Jamaat has brutally enforced a 3 day strike. Still out in the country, still fine, thanks for asking. Students are concerned, but mostly because they don't like Jamaat's violent tactics. From what I can see, the world community is on their side. I talked with one student who was really mad because it makes Muslims seem like they're violent, and the vast majority aren't.

International Mother Language Day

The men wore punjabi (the longer tunic-like shirt) and the
women wore saris we all bought together. I even went to
a tailor and got a blouse made, although I still had to wear
an undershirt, they do love showing belly skin.
The international girls with the two local girls in the center
they went shopping with us for the saris, it was wonderful

In 1953, the Bangladeshi people fought to have their language recognized, instead of being forced to speak Urdu (the Pakistani language). They have since celebrated this day on February 21st.

 I bought and wore a Sari, which we all know is a dream come true for me.


Last week we had formal mid-term exams. This is new for me, and I must say I don't care for it. Formal, sit-down, out-of-context, routine-breaking exams. I enjoyed the fact that I could sleep in on the days I wasn't proctoring  Also, I went to Dhaka and got some new books. Lots more work for my assistant to do.


I am white. I've always joked the glare off my white legs could flag down aeroplanes* (I'm watching Sherlock, it makes me write British). We had a pool party yesterday to celebrate the end of the exams and I stupidly didn't put sunscreen on my shoulders or back. Pre-sunburned myself for Thailand. I'd take a picture, but no one wants to see my naked back.

Lenten Tradition

I'm not a Catholic, although I did cry a little when Pope John Paul II passed away**, but I wanted to give up drinking caffeine, and lent is a socially-acceptable and easily explained way to do that. From the withdrawls I had, I could tell I'd been drinking too much. It's been almost 3 years since a full-caffeine Dr. Pepper, I think I can do this too.

*Aeroplanes is misspelled, Google wants me to replace it with Aristophanes, which is just silly, doesn't Google speak English? Actually, my Gmail account is in British English mode, which is why I have a "Bin" instead of "Trash"

**And did a little dance when Pope Benedict XVI stepped down. I can accept that you were in the Nazi Youth, most people had no choice in that, what I can't accept is how you've treated people since.  

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