Tuesday, June 4, 2013

End of year inventory

I've been meaning to post. I always come home at night and think “I should write a blog post,” then I make myself a peanut butter and Nutella sandwich and that’s all she wrote. Apparently Nutella isn’t a word. I argue it’s one of the most important words in the human language, because the consumption of Nutella has saved so many young lives this year.

Can you tell it’s the end of the school year?

Library Inventory

We’re doing an end of year inventory in the library. I have about 4,500 books. I’m also missing about 37 of those books. I get to go through that list tomorrow. We've checked all the students’ rooms, lockers, in the faculty lounge, etc., only found two of them.
What is an acceptable amount of books to lose? I imagine 1% would be expected. Don’t stores always assume they’re going to lose some amount of stock to sticky fingers and general inventory being weird-ness (that was an awkward sentence)?

I expect the missing books are files for books we never received, because they (Follett), sent us files for everything and some of the order wasn't available. The joys of having a new library I guess. I've been playing around with the thought of doing an end of year report, but then I'm tired and teaching 3 classes, and writing 3 exams, and, yeah.

Personal Inventory

I’m also doing a personal end of year inventory. I’m going to a clothing/household items swap on Friday. For people leaving and not wanting to take crap back with them. So I went through my closet. How is it that I brought so few clothes and still didn't wear all of them.
Over the summer our rooms are not going to be air conditioned, which means I'll probably have mold on my clothes if I leave them out, which means I'm packing things that will mold into my suitcases. Holy crap how much I hate packing stuff.
I requested that my room be painted over the summer. It's a pukey creamy light green-ish color (think cream, but with green undertones instead of warm undertones). We'll see what happens. I've asked for many things in relation to my apartment and get about a third of them (I'd also really like more than 3 cupboards in the whole place).

Goals and stuff

So, I set goals. Read a book a week and review it. I did read a book a week, but didn't necessarily write a review. I've been focusing more on non-fiction books and the last couple I've read have been awful. Boring, picture-less, oddly worded. I read one today about signs and symbols in religions and it wasn't really about religions, so much as it was about signs and symbols. And it wasn't so much about religions as it was about Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. Sure, there are billions of those, but there are also billions of Hindus, which is full of symbolism. How can you have a book about symbols and skip over the amount of symbols in the Hindu religion. Or not even mention that the six-pointed star originated and is still used in the Hindu religion (it's the symbol for education, so it's usually on schools), but mention it is called the Star of David. To me, that interconnection between the two vastly different religions is fascinating and having a book about symbols not mention it is ridiculous.

Summer Adventures

I've pretty much planned my whole summer, up until the end of July. It's practically a circle, beginning and ending with Bangkok, and a side trip to Hong Kong.

9 weeks. 5 countries. Some would call it exhausting, but I've built in lots of down time. I plan to read all the Jack Reacher books, for no reason other than they sound like fun. Big dumb fun, beaches, movies, museums, trains. These are all my idea of fun. 9 days, I can do this.

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  1. Yes, you can do it! We will all make it through! See you on Friday :)


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