Friday, June 28, 2013

Super Awesome Bangladeshi Adventure Part 2-Dhaka and Nepal

Meggan and I got to spend one day in Dhaka before heading to Nepal.

There was breakfast at the American club.

There were manis/pedis/massages/threading

There was much shopping for family members.

There was new silk.

There was Aarong.

There was riding in 3 different CNG's (tuk tuks, which, if you know my love of public transportation, you'll understand why this was a great thing).

There was dinner at Soi 71, a Thai restaurant.

Thankfully, there was sleep.

The next afternoon, we left for Nepal. I can now say, with authority, that the toilets on the Bangladesh United Airways flight were the most disgusting toilets I've ever used. Even more disgusting than the toilets on a Russian train.

We arrived in Kathmandu in the early evening, trekked to our 5th floor hotel room, had incredible Tibetan food at Hotel Utse.

I bought a new purse (I forgot to pack mine). Our hotel had a cool bathroom sink, which wasn't conducive to washing your face easily.

Wednesday, we boarded our bus to Chitwan. I knew it would be crazy, but it was truly insane. We (the white people) were stuck together at the back of the bus, which drove crazily down the valley.

Really the only way to not fly around the bus when you're going around curves

Fortunately at lunchtime we switched busses. Meggan and I were the only two passengers going to Chitwan, so we had the bus to ourselves.

Chitwan was rainy.

We took a nap, had dinner, then I went to a cultural show.

The next morning, I rode an elephant, it was amazing. Then we took a nap.

There is much napping, we were very tired.

We ended up taking a bus to Pokhara the morning after.

Pokhara was also rainy, but a perfect shopping destination.

Meggan took this while we were waiting for the rain to pass.
It looks black and white, but it was taken in color.
It rained really hard, for a really long time.

We flew back to Kathmandu, we'd had enough buses.

Nagarkot is a small town that has wonderful vies of the Himalayan mountains, even with the clouds.

The hotel we stayed at used to be a Hindu temple.

Then we flew back to Dhaka. Meggan has now been on two Bangladeshi airlines. I was impressed, they were generally on time.

The final day in Dhaka, we went more shopping, tuk tuk riding. I even got Meggan to ride in a rickshaw. We ended it with manis/pedis/facials (yes, that was our second time) and dinner at the Nordic club.

Poor Meggan, her flight home left at 5:10 am, so we had to get up at 2 am to get her to the airport. She made it home all right, and even had a 24 hour layover in Toronto to chill out and get over jetlag a little.

I had a nice day off before starting on my next adventure, which we'll be called the Super Awesome South East Asia Adventure. More on that to come.

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  1. The proper bus riding position, for those who are curious, is sitting bolt upright (do not lean against the back of the seat for maximum shock absorption), gripping the handles on the seat in front of you, and locking your feet underneath the footrest. This may still result in you hitting your head on the fan on the ceiling if you are sitting in the very last row of the bus.

    On the upside, sitting in the last row means you don't see all the near-accidents happing at the front of the bus.


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