Thursday, September 12, 2013

Hong Kong

Oh Hong Kong. You crazy beast of a city. I've never felt so cloistered, hot, comfortable, and crazy at the same time. I was not a regular Hong Kong tourist. I just wanted a week of rest, with ample trips to 7-11 for Coke Zero.

The line for passport control.

I enjoyed some quality time in bed watching Austin Powers. Oh, behave!

View from the hostel window.
 Ichiran Ramen. It's a Japanese ramen place. You have an individual cubicle to focus on the ramen. With your own water spout. I waited in line for 3 hours and it was totally worth it.
The line for Ichiran.

Behind the cubicle walls.

There was quite the array of toilet paper in the bathroom
Lantau Island and the Ngong Ping 360.

Holy giant snail.
A trip to the Hong Kong Temple.

A boat tour, tram up to Victoria Peak, raining a lot, ridiculous amounts of walking.

I went and saw Pacific Rim in 3D. Amazing (dumb) fun. Also, went to Ikea. Got ridiculously lost in a 13 story mall.

I liked Hong Kong, although it was hard on my pocketbook. I'm such a nerd for public transportation and HK had it all.

And then, onward, towards a surprise destination!

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