Thursday, December 19, 2013

Sweet, sweet, vacation time

I had decided back in August that I would go to Thailand for Christmas break. Mostly because I made friends in Bangkok and could stay there for cheap. Also, other reasons that I'm not going to discuss quite yet on the blog (I'm teasing you!).

Because of the political turmoil in Bangladesh and the upcoming election, our return to school was pushed back a week, which means we had a one month Winter break. The first week I ended up staying at a friend's house in Dhaka. It was filled with Netflix, and other relaxing activities.
Check out the head shots my friend Alicia took:
To see this headshot in action, head over to my landing page

I ended up going to Koh Samui with a group of friends from Dhaka and a couple who are living in Cambodia (they had previously lived in Dhaka). We rented a condo via and had a great time scooting around the island, eating delicious food and lounging on the beach. Also, Christmas!

In a taxi!

On a train!

On a boat!
From the mainland to Koh Samui
Who knew the iPhone 5 panoramic setting was so awesome

Big Buddha!

Ham, egg, cheese, mushroom, crepe

Chocolate Banana Crepe


The beach!
Scotch egg. It's a soft boiled egg, wrapped in sausage, and deep friend.

Pork belly with mashed parsnips.

Chocolate souffle. Perfect end.

View from the condo

We had an extended trip back to Bangkok because of the train being 4 hours late. I love me a train ride, but the Thai railway is the worst I've ever ridden. The trains are comfortable enough, but they are never on time, not even close. So unreliable.

The next couple of weeks in Bangkok was mostly uneventful. It started with a visit to a fertility park behind a hotel. Women go to the park to pray for fertility and, if they become pregnant, they return with a phallic statue to place there.

There was also three occasions of honey toast. It's a cube of bread, soaked in honey, topped with deliciousness. 

Lots of wandering through malls. Love these shoes.

Terminal 21 mall had some amazing bathrooms. This one was on the Tokyo level. 

Siam Center mall had some interesting shoe choices.

 Siam Discovery had Tom Cruise.

 Waiting for the BTS.

I went almost the whole last week without taking a picture. Not sure why. Probably distracted by...other things that are not yet disclosable on the blog. Wow. I don't mean to be cryptic.

One last shot, on the flight back to Dhaka. Regent airways, the best Bangladeshi airline so far. Best flight attendant ever. Almost on time, which is saying something.

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