Thursday, February 27, 2014

Hello? Is it me you're looking for?

I just realized that it's almost the end of February and I haven't posted a thing to my blog since January. I have no idea where this month went. Actually, that's a clear lie, because I know exactly where this month went, in order:
  • Bronchitis (the loving reminder of Bangkok)
  • Field trip to a TV news station in Dhaka that ate up one weekend day and provided absolutely no romance for my Valentines Day
  • A hilariously failed attempt to take two MOOC's
  • I discovered Humble Bundle and lost 10 hours one weekend to playing Civilization V (my cognitive excess needed an outlet, so sue me)
  • Mock exams
  • The computer with the library catalog crashing and losing the entire catalog (backups, I know, I know, don't even get me started)
It has warmed up in Bangladesh, but not too warm, it's at that perfect "I can leave the window open and it's the same temperature inside as it is outside" weather.

Meanwhile, politics have cooled considerably, thank goodness. Bangladesh is home to the Asia World Cup of cricket this year. There was talk of pulling out if things didn't settle down, and cricket is really important to everyone. Glad they could find one thing to agree on. I'm desperately hoping that they keep themselves in check until June 14th, which is when I fly home. After that, it's up to you.

Speaking of civil disobedience, Ukraine is hot on my mind right now. It's so bizarre to see pictures of the Maiden (pronounced my-dan, at least according to all the Ukrainians I met when I was there). Ukraine was such a fascinating country, precariously balanced between two worlds, yet constantly under the thumb of their bigger neighbors. Everything is Illuminated, which was a decent book and then an amazing movie, really burned Ukraine into my heart.

I should mention the MOOC's I tried to take. A MOOC is a massive online open course. Basically, on online college course that's usually free (or you just pay for materials). It's a great path for online learning and leading universities, including both my alma maters, SUU and UM, have classes on different websites. The ones I signed up for were through Canvas Network. I am endlessly fascinated by the idea of digital badges, so I thought I would love this course. I just found I had so little time and so much West Wing to watch schoolwork to get through. My brain was just feeling a bit too fried to introduce something new into it. The good thing is, I didn't waste any money and I can always take over. Also, I have access to the materials, so if I get the desire to go through them again on my own time, I can. Basically, it's everyone's dream for education, that we can continue lifelong learning, although I still struggle with online classes. I need external motivation for some things.

Alright, I've blathered on enough tonight.  Enjoy this video of Everything is Awesome from the Lego movie. It is now my theme song.

Gentle reminder, for those who made it to the bottom, I am turning 30 much sooner than I am comfortable with. That is all.