Monday, May 19, 2014


I kept thinking I should update the blog, but as I got further and further from my once a week goal, it got harder and harder and then, well, now it's been 2 months. Sorry.

Life has been largely uneventful, save for small spots of excitement. It's the time of the year where everyone is exhausted, just trying to make a push to the end. I have a flight home booked, and I have a whole plan for the summer.

So, a few updates about the exciting bits.

I went to the Philippines for spring break, it happened like this:

On the plane. Note to self Tiger airways red eye flights are never, ever fun.

On Panglao island

On a scooter!

On a boat

I went snorkeling

I got an ice cream sundae to celebrate my snorkeling

At Dumaguete, getting ready to take a ferry to Siquijor island.

My scooter on Siquijor island

A terrible picture at our deserted hotel on Siquijor. 

beautiful deserted beach. Not good for swimming, super rocky.

Part of going to the Philippines was to go to church. I ran into some
fellows Mormons on a ride around the island. They were about to have
a baptism, so I stuck around. They had to walk out really far to get deep enough water.

At another beachfront hotel. $30 a night, can't be beat.


My little beach bungalow. No a/c, but it was cool enough with a fan.

Lunchtime view

Another sunset.

Goodbye Siquijor. Amazing island.

The restroom sign at the pier. No, the restrooms were
not clean.

On a ferry.

At the temple.

In a mall. You can't really tell, but that's Orange Brutus, it's like Orange Julius, but different.

On the plane. This was the worst plane ride ever in the history of plane rides.
Other updates:
The parents of one of the students gave us these mugs.
Not sure what they make but they're the finest and the largest.
My friend Annie came to visit. She lives in Bangkok.
We went to a spa and I got a blow-out.

We rode in a rickshaw.

We went to Zero Point, the center of the country. That's a sign
with all the distances to major points in Bangladesh.

Baby taxis

Behind the parliament building.

Crazy storms on campus leave giant ponds of water on the cricket pitch.
Sports day left us all tired. Baby facepalm.

I went to the spa again and got rainbow toes with my friend Alicia.
I got my Bangladeshi face on for my Chinese visa application.

Chinese visa you say? Why would you need that? Probably because I am moving to China  in July! This is what I was being so coy about. The reason I was in Bangkok over the winter break is because I was going to the Search Associates job fair. That's an experience I might write about at a later date. I'm super excited to go to China, it is exactly where I wanted to be, and I am guaranteed that my parents will visit me now. I see a visit to the Yangtze river dam in my future. Among other things. Also trains, so many high-speed trains. And living a 2 hour flight from Hong Kong, almost as good as living in Hong Kong, but less expensive.