Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Is this a term I'm not familiar with? #translationfail

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Thursday, August 25, 2016

你好 我在北京 - Hello from Beijing!

I took a nice, long sabbatical from blogging. I must admit, I missed it. Did you miss me?
Quick overview of the last two years:
I moved to Nanjing, China

I visited Thailand for International Baccalaureate training, and I cherished the beach there

I went home for Christmas, for the first time in a couple of years. Disappointingly, there was very little snow.
I went to Japan during Chinese new year. Bucket list item complete.
I went to Hiroshima

The Tokyo Temple

Tokyo Disney
Sensoji Temple

I stayed in a Ryokhan and slept on a futon
I celebrated my 31st birthday in Shenzhen doing the Color Run
My parents came and visited me in China!
We went and saw a big dam (bucket list item complete, for my Dad)
We toured Beijing
We visited the Great Wall in the sidecar of a motorcycle
We had Beijing duck
We took a train to Shanghai
I ditched them in Shanghai to take a one-day tour of Pyongyang, North Korea
It was awesome
We said goodbye
Matt and Ilana came and visited me in China!

I went home for the summer
I went to a wedding in Michigan

Another wedding in Indiana
Visited family in California
Was in the audience on The Price is Right
Flew back to Nanjing
Found out that my position was being eliminated because of an enrollment drop.Was sad for a while but, in hindsight, it all worked out for the better.

Went to Guilin for the October holiday.

Went to Thailand for a couple of days, saw The Force Awakens, twice
Flew from Thailand to Honolulu
Spent time with family for Christmas

Stayed with friends from Bangladesh
Went to the Polynesian Cultural Center

Stayed with former roommate/ward member
Celebrated the New Year

Flew back to Bangkok. Went to an unsuccessful job fair, had a great time and felt good about the whole experience. Met a new friend and decided to leave the whole thing up to God's timing.

Went back to Nanjing, then to Harbin

Got recruited by a school in Beijing, accepted a position as the Middle School Librarian. See, it happens when it's supposed to happen.

Went to Hong Kong to say goodbye to one of my favorite Mexicans.
Visited Beijing during April break, fell totally in love
Went to a librarian's conference in Beijng, felt so professionally rewarded and ready to hit the ground running
Said goodbye to Nanjing and the beautiful people there
Went home for the summer
Spent a week at the ALA conference in Orlando, got more in touch with the professional community

Spent the rest of the summer relaxing, sleeping, cherishing the mountains, and generally having fun.
Moved to Beijing

Suffice it to say, it was a busy, rewarding, frustrating, fulfilling, and generally life-changing couple of years.
I'm ready for the next adventure.