About Me and FAQ


 I am a Middle School Librarian at Daystar Academy in Beijing, China. Previously, I have been a Teacher Librarian and Technology Integration Coach at Nanjing International School in Nanjing, China and the Head Librarian and ICT Department Chair at Pledge Harbor International School in Bangladesh. In April 2012, I graduated from the University of Michigan School of Information where I received a Master of Science in Information, specializing in School Library Media. I also have a Bachelor of Science in Social Studies, with a secondary education endorsement from Southern Utah University.

I am interested in instructional librarianship in any form, especially in lesser served communities or non-traditional library settings. My interests lie in helping students, teachers, parents, patrons, learners, etc., think critically, rigorously assess their understanding, and learn more effectively.

I believe that school libraries can and should be the hub of the learning community and a certified school librarian is essential to creating a safe, flexible, and comfortable space where students can be active creators of knowledge and ideas.

The content and opinions expressed in this blog do not necessarily reflect the view of anyone except myself, nor are they endorsed by anyone except myself. You can contact me via emily@queenoftheshelf.com or visit my professional portfolio at about.me/emilyjohnson314


  1. Is this blog personal, or professional? Actually, it's both. Let's be honest, I am not good about updating blogs on a regular basis, so it's silly to think I could keep 2 blogs going at the same time. Sometimes I'll have stories about life in China, sometimes I'll share about my library ideas. I think it will make for a richer blogging experience.
  2. Why international schools? In the spring of 2007, I spent a semester teaching English as a volunteer in Moscow, Russia. It was an entirely unexpected experience and forever changed my view of the world. While public schools in the United States have, and always will, play an important role in my life, I currently feel drawn to live overseas and take advantage of all the world has to offer. So, until I feel otherwise, wherever the Lord may take me.
  3. What are all these old blog posts? For several of my classes at the University of Michigan I was required to keep a blog. I tried to keep the blog posts as less summaries of what I was doing, and more reflection, so I imported them here so you could see where my thinking comes from and why I do things the way I do.
    I also decided to import my old personal blog, so you can go back and read about me being anxious about finding a job after teaching and deciding to go to Grad School. I was, and still am, a terribly inconsistent blogger.