Teaching Philosophy and Resume

As a librarian and an educator, I believe my most important job is to provide a safe, flexible, and comfortable space where students can be active creators of knowledge and ideas.

I embrace a constructivist approach to learning, where I am a facilitator, providing opportunities for students to experience and acquire knowledge. Hands-on lessons, dialogue with peers and mentors, inquiry, diverse instructional approaches, and continual feedback and reflection all help to nurture a more authentic learning experience.

I strive to create a space for intellectual freedom. Anyone who uses the school library must be able to explore, experience, and try new things without fear of embarrassment, judgment, censorship, or reprisal. The physical space must allow for flexibility of learning styles, whether it’s small or large groups, private study, or active learning.

I endeavor to cultivate a collection that is appropriate for the information needs of the school community. This means reaching out to professional learning networks to find new resources, continually weeding outdated or unused material, and working with faculty to identify strengths and weaknesses of the collection.

Technology provides a lot of the tools at my disposal, I am continually investigating and evaluating new tools to increase student learning and involvement. However, I also know that balance is key, and students learn best when they have a variety of tools available for their differentiated learning styles.

I believe that student learning should be the driving force behind how the library is organized and utilized. I collaborate with faculty and help teach the information literacy skills necessary so that students and teachers learn to identify their own information needs. A well-designed, easily searchable, online catalog and resource guides are essential for helping users find what they need, when they need it.

Above all, I believe that learning is a lifelong process, which means that I am constantly setting goals for myself, trying new things, creating connections with peers, taking risks, making mistakes, and learning something from each experience.

Resume_EJ by Emily Johnson